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Gilių kava

Gilių kava

Wild Edible Plants – White Oak Acorns

Check John’s recipe for making acorn coffee

Go for the Recipe of Acorn Coffee

OK – it is not coffee but it is a nice drink – sometimes nicer than regular coffee !

recipe for making acorn coffee




White oak acorn preparation in making acorn coffee

Gilių kavos gamyba. Gilių džiovinimas.


Giliu kavos gamyba. Giliu dziovinimas



Removing Shell from Acorns

New technique! How to shell acorns?

Naujas sezonas prasidėjo, ąžuolai subrandino naują derlių, laikas rinkti giles!

great lithuanian oak tree

Acorn Coffee Better Than Starbucks

Acorn Flour

When I bring the Acorns home, I don’t always have time to sit and shell them right away so I need to store them.  The problem with this is that there is a certain little moth that lays its eggs inside the Acorns and if I wait too long, the larva will have eaten most of the nutmeat.  In order to kill these eggs, I spread my acorns on cookie sheets and roast them in the oven at 325° for ½ hour (longer if they’re green).  Now I can store them as long as I need to before processing them any further.

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